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Pippa Morley started performing at Acoustic Roots in 2011 and has played there regularly since, both solo and with other performers. She grew up listening to a wide variety of musical genres which is reflected in her performances.

Pippa first began playing the guitar at age eight when she bought a 28 year old guitar for £3.50. She went on to teach herself a number of instruments including: bouzouki, ukulele, bass guitar, Irish whistle and accordion. Pippa also plays the Handpan, a steel instrument similar to the Caribbean steel drum (though controversy abounds regarding the relationship between the instruments). 

It was on the Handpan that Pippa recorded her composition Luna Marè. Luna Marè is written in the style of a morris folk tune and is named after the black seas on the moon, although it also happens to be the name of a rather nice dark Belgian style beer!


From the Acoustic Roots 2014 album available on Paddywack Records. 19 tracks of Acoustic Roots excellence for less than the price of an inflatable dolphin.