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Withybed Poets is an informal group of people who write and share poetry. Originally they all lived in Withybed Green, Alvechurch, but have expanded and have members from around Alvechurch and district. They welcome all kinds of poetry and love to hear different styles and voices. The only criteria for joining are a love of poetry and a willingness to have a go at writing. They aren’t just a poetry readers or critics group – they are writers.

They meet every two months, on the second Wednesday, in Withybed. They have a theme for each session: members can write on this theme or ignore it and write something else. Usually they all read their poems aloud and talk informally about them, sometimes with a more in-depth discussion of a few poems, or workshops to try out writing techniques. These evenings are “potluck and poetry” sessions, where members also share a meal together.

The group has created “poetry on demand” at the two last “Picnics in the Park” in Alvechurch, and will do this for individuals or events on request. They love to read aloud and do so regularly at Acoustic Roots as well as Alvechurch Community Choir events and other occasions.

You can contact them through Mary on [email protected] or 0121 445 5957.


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