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The Stompies have always been around playing acoustic roots music, just not together in the same room or in the same band. The current Stompies are really a musical collective who play and perform original material, but like to throw some distorted favourite covers in to their set.

The original Stompies were formed in 2010 and consisted of Paul Chamberlain (guitar/banjo/ukulele) Keith Yendell (melodion) Tony Price (guitar) and Graeme Jones (fiddle). Fortunately common sense prevailed and they were soon joined by two proper vocalists Fiona Holmes and Sue Resuggan, who also play percussion. They became the house band at the newly opened Acoustic Roots Gig in Alvechurch , the beating heart of West Midlands live music. For a long while the full name of the band was “No Stompy On Sunshine” which relates to the inappropriate use of a stomp box (foot drum) on a well known Bill Withers cover during an early performance. The name stuck, but the shortened version had even stronger glue.

Just when the Stompies were starting to play in tune, Graeme emigrated to Dubai and Tony emigrated to another band.


Their musical shoes were filled by Leah Yendel (fiddle) and Dave Howard (guitar). The current line up was completed when Martin Salter (acoustic bass) and occasional sticks person Freddie Gee (percussion) brought us a much needed rhythm section and a lot more gear. The band's debut album No Stompy On Sunshine is available to order online here and at Acoustic Roots events. The Stompies mission: Keep music live, original and enjoyable.